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DianeHester RunToMe Sm Diane's debut novel, Run To Me, made the finals of the 2014 Daphne du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense.


What readers have to say about Run To Me:

'Hester keeps the reader guessing right until the end. A terrific first novel from an author we'll no doubt see more of.'

Sophia Whitfield, Culture Street.

'The author makes good use of her rustic setting and clearly understands the value of sympathetic protagonists and the thrill of narrow escapes…’ 
Publishers Weekly

'A tight, taut page-turner that romps along from the opening page.
Jaye Ford, author of Davitt Award winning Beyond Fear.

'I'm serious when I say this book is a veritable roller coaster ride with no stops.'
Kazza K, Good Reads

‘…a fantastic on-the-edge-of-your-seat novel…gripping and heartfelt at the same time…’
Nicole Frith, Ballarat Courier

'A clever thriller with a perfect mix of action and emotion.'
Ivy Fleming, Illawarra Mercury

'Best book I’ve read in a long time.’
Suzie, Good Reads - 5 stars

‘Absolutely loved this book, I couldn’t put it down.’
Belinda Southwell, Random House reviews - 5 stars

‘Wow, this book starts with a bang and the suspense carries through to the end. The characters are brilliant…’
Joanne, Good Reads - 4 stars

‘…thrilling twists and turns and an uplifting ending.’
EMVEEDB Random House reviews - 5 stars

‘Not a genre I normally read but I loved it.’
Veronica, Good Reads - 5 stars

‘This book totally captured me from the first page.’
Matti, Good Reads - 5 stars

‘I can’t believe this is the author’s first book.’

Brenda, Good Reads - 5 stars

‘…one of the more original thrillers I’ve read recently.’
SamStillReading, Good Reads - 4 stars

‘This one had me from the first chapter!!! …gripping and fast-paced…’
Deb Bodinnar, Good Reads - 5 stars

‘At the end of the prologue I was on the edge of my seat and the suspense just didn’t let up.’

Sandy O’Grady, Good Reads - 5 stars


Just Released!

DianeHester HitAndRun

Raina Wilkins has little to live for. Until she’s forced on the run with a wanted killer and a homeless teen with a deadly secret.

'...twisty, compelling, and relentlessly suspenseful. Diane Hester is a master of her craft.’
HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN - Anthony, Agatha, Mary Higgins Clark award winning author.

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