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Monday, 12 May 2014 01:17

Affirmations For Writers

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Writing has to be the most up and down ride of any profession. In the morning I'm tearing my hair out because I've hit a major snag with my novel, and in the afternoon the answer hits me and I'm flying high.

I present what I feel is some of my best writing ever, only to have those feelings dashed when my crit partners point out some major flaws.

I submit to an editor the very thing she says she's looking for, only to receive my twentieth rejection - on the same day I learn some writer half my age has just sold her first manuscript in a six-figure deal!

As a writer it seems my feelings can change not just hourly but by the minute. To help me survive this roller coaster ride I create affirmations - short snappy phrases, some almost like poems, easy to remember and repeat to myself or post on my desk.

At various times I've used these phrases to lift my spirits, give my courage, keep me going, sooth my hurt pride, envision a future where my dreams can come true, or simply help me keep things in perspective. Here are a few of my favorites

I release all negative limiting beliefs, I can do anything I set my mind to.
I am calm and confident around other people, I communicate easily and affectively.
I have all the talent I need to succeed; I am enough.
I am a brilliant and prolific writer; my voice is unique, my stories original

Overcoming jealously
The success of others doesn’t diminish me, I am on a separate path.
My writing and purpose remain unchanged, all experience is part of my journey.

Others I've used along the way
I will hold my published book in my hands before the end of  ________
Opportunity exists in every situation, I open myself to all possibilities.
I surrender to the story trying to emerge
I can do it, this matters to me; nothing is going to stand in my way.
My goal is sacred, my purpose set; with every action I honor my dream.
I'm happy just to be on this journey.

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