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Monday, 05 January 2015 22:47

Notes To Self, 3

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With the new year I have a fresh crop of quotes and reminders pinned to the board above my computer.

As I’m currently reworking the first draft of my latest novel, most of these relate to revising and self-editing.

Many come from the how-to books of James Scott Bell, one of my favorite writing gurus.

Write fearlessly, write with joy. Leave your heart on every page.

Just because we can all write doesn’t mean we all have the same thing to say.

Three big scenes and no weak ones. John Huston’s secret to a successful film[book]

True character is only revealed in crisis. J.S. Bell

Dramatic characters, inventive plotline, exciting and intense situations… Leonard Bishop

Give them SUES. Something Unexpected in Every Scene.  J.S. Bell

Write at your peak. Take breaks when it’s drudgery. J.S. Bell

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily. Robert Collier

Be excited about your story. The secret to excitement is to go deeper into your characters. J.S. Bell

When you write books readers love, platform takes care of itself.  J.S. Bell

Have an inspired year of writing!

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