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Thursday, 09 January 2014 23:12

Notes To Self

I have pin-up boards all over my work room where I post what I call ‘Notes To Self’. Some are quotes from other writers or books I’ve read, but most are things I’ve discovered the hard way through trial and error. I change these notes from time to time as my needs vary and over the years have built up quite a collection. Here are a few from the file I’ve kept:

Write every day. Don’t wait to be inspired. Inspiration most often comes when you’re already writing, when the door to your creative mind is already open.

The conditions will never be perfect to write. Stop waiting till you have more time, or the kids leave home, or you quit your job, or the weather’s cooler, or whatever. Set yourself a writing schedule and stick to it.

Give yourself a place to write, someplace where you won’t be interrupted – a room, even just the end of a table where you can leave your papers and notes laid out in a way that will lure you back again. Make this place yours, your personal sanctuary. Fill it with things that inspire you. Go there the same time everyday and write.

If others in your life won’t allow you time to write, remind them that you’ll be a better partner, parent, relation, or friend if you have an outlet for your creativity. The first person who has to take your writing seriously is you.

Passion is contagious. So is apathy. If your goal is to write well, surround yourself with like-minded people. Hang out with people with low standards and before you know it those standards are yours. But being with others who are enthusiastic, willing to take risks and dedicated to improving their work, will inspire you to do the same.

Just a few thoughts to start the new year.

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